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* UPDATE COVID 19* We are open! New Year 2021

With the latest government rulings we are able to continue to carry out repairs and maintenance and are open as usual.

All our staff adhere to the latest covid 19 safety protocols as we have throughout this whole pandemic. We are currently still able to offer quotations, please call if we can be of service to you 01603 404445. 

Keep safe & Wishing all our clients old and new a very Healthy and Happy New Year.




2 Fences, a soakaway and a bit of a mystery!

Since lockdown started easing, we have been lucky enough to have lots of outdoor maintenance to get on with.  Our customers have been pleased that amongst other things we have been able to replace fencing in gardens which they have wanted completed for some time but we had not been able to get on with because of lockdown.

One of the fences that we needed to replace had been damaged and had blown down. We went to remove the old fence and bring it away but on arrival it had disappeared.  Nobody seems to know where it went.  The commercial company we were doing it for are not on the site, so they were very surprised too.  Anyway, it saved a job and we were able to get on with erecting the new one.

We do have a waste carriers’ licence so we can bring our construction waste away from site. There are very strict rules on removing rubbish and customers can come unstuck if they don’t check their contractor has a licence.

We have also been doing a new soakaway last week and installing some surface drains to prevent flooding to nearby properties.  I am sure given all the rain this weekend the neighbours are very glad we got it completed.

We have got several decorating jobs to get on with now, External decoration of windows doors and rendered walls.  If you have any similar jobs and you would like a free quote, then please ring Nick on 01603 404445 or email


Water Leaks and Stop Cocks

We are back to work now and already have our men busy with repairing leaking roofs, wonky fencing, wobbly paving, and a lot more besides.  We specialise in Property Maintenance which is all about keeping your house, flat, office, factory, or shop in good repair.  The old saying about a stitch in time saves nine is very true.  Very few things in a property cause as much damage as leaking water so here is a tip which may be helpful.  Find your stop cock.  It could be under the sink, under the stairs or if it’s like mine in a cupboard in the kitchen. Once you have found it just test it to see if you can turn it as some may have seized after years of not moving.  This will stop the flow of water entering the house

If you can’t find it there will be an external stop cock down by the road at the front of the property. You can open the cover and turn the water off there.   Most appliances or toilets have an isolation valve inset into the pipe bringing water in and these can be turned to stop the flow of the water to the appliance.  This only stops the water to the appliance not everything in the house as the others do

Lastly if the worse comes to the worse and water is pouring out of somewhere and you cannot turn the water off ring Property 1st on 01603 404445 and we will come to your rescue.  We will also be able to repair any damage caused and will you give you a free quote first.

Take care now


Starting back under Covid 19

Glad to be able to report that we are now in a position  to carry out some essential repairs that you, our, customers, have been patiently waiting for. With the Governments lockdown advice on Sunday night, we have taken the decision to bring back a few of our furloughed tradesmen and start to look at what external works we can complete with the safety of you, our customers, and our employees as our ultimate consideration.  Surprisingly, lots of you were more than happy to schedule a date and get some of your repairs underway.  We have even been able to schedule some quote appointments where the repairs are outside, which is key to our ongoing survival. We've bought in extra safety measures and PPE to protect you, and us, all vans are equipped with a drivers packs which includes hand sanitizer gel, surface wipes, gloves, bags to dispose of waste, disinfectant sprays, full body suits (if necessary) needless to say we are prepared, and a variety of the very controversial face masks! Which may become the norm to all of us in the near future when we are out and about!  All our workers have been briefed by Nick our Operations Director with a toolbox talk on the risk assessment and method statements of working in these difficult times under Covid 19 which is likely to be around with us for some time yet!

Stay safe everyone, and please get in touch if we can help you in anyway or if you have any questions.


What have we been up to this week?

You asked and we listened, when can your works be carried out? Cautiously we are undertaking some outside projects & emergencies...

Here’s a selection of the some of our jobs over the last few days;

Commercial premises -  filling potholes in the carpark, created the perfect opportunity while the business is closed to the public, roof repair -  the householder was experiencing water ingress (although luckily we haven’t had too many downpours of late!), boundary fencing - private home, and a repeat customer, together with a concrete pad for bin storage, residential development - trip hazard of a loose slab, an emergency plumbing callout to a cistern leak and installing a garden soakaway at another one of our loyal returning customers.


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