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Water Leaks and Stop Cocks

Water Leaks and Stop Cocks

We are back to work now and already have our men busy with repairing leaking roofs, wonky fencing, wobbly paving, and a lot more besides.  We specialise in Property Maintenance which is all about keeping your house, flat, office, factory, or shop in good repair.  The old saying about a stitch in time saves nine is very true.  Very few things in a property cause as much damage as leaking water so here is a tip which may be helpful.  Find your stop cock.  It could be under the sink, under the stairs or if it’s like mine in a cupboard in the kitchen. Once you have found it just test it to see if you can turn it as some may have seized after years of not moving.  This will stop the flow of water entering the house

If you can’t find it there will be an external stop cock down by the road at the front of the property. You can open the cover and turn the water off there.   Most appliances or toilets have an isolation valve inset into the pipe bringing water in and these can be turned to stop the flow of the water to the appliance.  This only stops the water to the appliance not everything in the house as the others do

Lastly if the worse comes to the worse and water is pouring out of somewhere and you cannot turn the water off ring Property 1st on 01603 404445 and we will come to your rescue.  We will also be able to repair any damage caused and will you give you a free quote first.

Take care now